Tips for Buying/ Selling Online Game Accounts on eBay

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Buying Online Accounts
1. Read Carefully
2. Know what your buying
3. Be sure you get everything
4. Check seller feedback

Selling Online Accounts
1. Be sure to list everything
2. Include all details
3. Do not put delicate information in your item description
4. Answer any questions asked to you

Buying Online Accounts

1.     To successfully buy an online account through ebay, there are a few things you should know. First, you should always carefully read through the description of the account you are buying. Check for things like correct game, server/ realm/ world, specific items ect.

2.     Make sure you have some kind of background knowledge of the game you are purchasing an account for. You don’t want to run in blind an just buy any account, or you may drastically over pay for something, or not get what you really wanted.

3.    Also, when you purchase the account, make sure you recieve everything promised to you in the items description, such as items, characters, money, account information, recovery question information ect. I can’t tell you how many times people have been scammed buyRead more >>

Tutorial Shooting Game PS 4

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Back in September we reported that Tutorial Shooting Game (actual title) was the first trophy list revealed for the PlayStation 4. At the time, many suspected it would be included with the system, much like The Playroom is. Now that the PlayStation 4 has released in North America, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Since the title was always mysterious, this brought up the question, what exactly is Tutorial Shooting Game? The current theory is that it was a test list, though that doesn’t make much sense either. As most of you are unaware, Sony isn’t against companies using the default icons for trophy lists. Trine originally launched with the default images, which were later changed. BothSection 8 games also opted to use the default platinum icon, which is joined by The Walking Deadamong others. Had this been a test list, it stands to reason that Sony wouldn’t have uploaded unique images for Tutorial Shooting Game. The oddly specific trophy descriptions also imply it genuinely exists too. The English version of the Dark Awake The King Has No Name trophies are completely without effort and entirely unhelpful, yet Sony still allowed them to upload it, blonzeRead more >>

Tips Play Boss Pes 2015

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There was a time when Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series stood as the best sports game on the market. The ingenious Shingo “Seabass” Takatsuka reinvented the beautiful game for football gamers across the globe year after year with each title better than the last. This so called football nirvana is still lauded by die hard PES fans to this very day and is the sole reason why the community stays loyal year after year, even though in the eyes of gamers as a whole; there’s a new king in town.

The transition to next gen consoles back in 2007 saw the emergence of current juggernaut FIFA capture the market and relegate PES to the second division. The silky smooth gameplay and obvious push on marketing highlighting the licences offered by EA simply blew the competition away, a trend which has continued to current day. Until now. PES 2015 brings the series back to its roots and the results are magical.

With superb gameplay and deep tactical options at the forefront of the next gen title, PES 2015, built on Konami’s beautiful FOX engine looks not only set to challenge FIFA but ultimately take back the throne. With gamers growing tired of EARead more >>

Showing ads in your game to make money

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A game’s success isn’t determined only by how innovative or popular it is, but also by how effectively it can financially support its creator(s). As you’re building your game, you’ll want to strongly consider how to make money. Basically, you’ll typically look at three main ways of monetizing your game:

  1. Paid Download/Pay to Play – Players pay to download your game
  2. Free – Users play your game completely free, and you make money solely through ads
  3. In App Purchases (IAP) – Players pay for content or upgrades inside your game

Besides the obvious Paid Download and IAP, how else could your game make money? The vast majority of the time, by showing ads. Free games that show ads in a smart way can often make more money than paid games, and they’re much more plentiful – Gartner estimates that 94.5% of all app downloads will be free by 2017. And with a recent study predicting mobile advertising revenue to top $25.8 billion in 2015 – there’re plenty of opportunities for you to cash in.

If you’re considering putting ads into your free or IAP game, it’s important thatRead more >>

Royal Paladins – A major aspect of an arrangement on the family

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The, being the main tribe ever presented and the double mascots of the establishment close by Kagerou, have a specific speak to them. While extremely costly and not for everyone, the tribe is anything but difficult to wield and has enough popularity behind it that it has a tendency to pull in various warriors paying little respect to foundation. As a major aspect of an arrangement on the family, I’ll start by talking about their general methodology and a few key cards from the principal, third and seventh supporter sets, and also from additional promoters 2 and 3.


The underlying first vanguard presented in Descent of the King of Knights is Barcgal, a card that is left an extremely solid effect on the historical backdrop of the diversion regardless of having dropped out of utilization sometime prior. Before covering whatever other cards, it’s imperative that we examine Barcgal altogether, however it’s impossible that he will come back to the expert scene inside the following couple of years.

  • Despite the fact that we’ve following preceded onward, Barcgal gives a vitalRead more >>

Learning Benefits of Playing With Wooden Puzzles

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Wooden Puzzles are a critical learning device that can be utilized with youngsters to improve kid advancement. The accompanying are only a couple of the numerous advantages that can be picked up when utilizing this unbelievably balanced learning instrument.


·         Catch consideration

·         Propel investment

·         Animate discussion

·         Can challenge without being overpowering

·         Support achievement

·         Support freedom and self regard

Riddles are a Self Correcting Learning Tool

At the point when Children endeavor to put a riddle piece in it’s place it will just fit on the off chance that it is set appropriately in the right space. The demonstration of controlling every piece, turning it and testing the fit, is the way youngsters figure out how to issue comprehend and create basic considering and check KiGuMi wooden puzzles.


Dialect Skills

Baffles offer kids a chance to create numerous dialect aptitudes. At the point when a youngster requests a specific piece they will frequently depict what they are searching for. For instance, the round pieces, the blue rough piece, and so on. Riddles are frequently utilized when working with Autistic youngsters who have deferred discourse capacity as an energetic instrument to support discourse.

Math Skills

Perplexes show youngsters a

GamesMaster: The Inside Story

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Every Sunday we present an article from our archives, either for you to discover for the first time or to get reacquainted with. This week, to mark the departure of the amazing Ellie Gibson from the Eurogamer editorial team, we give you her inside look at 90s favourite GamesMaster, an article typical of her incredible writing talents. We’re going to miss you Ellie!

Craig Munro’s 10-year-old heart was pounding in his chest. The unfamiliar controller trembled in his sweaty grip. He stared wide-eyed at the screen, too nervous to blink, too terrified to breathe. Beside him his elder sister, Kirsty, hammered the buttons on her own controller like a rabid pianist. Craig watched the numbers tick up: 2, 3, 4…

He thought of the letter that had brought him to this moment. The one he had written several months ago to the producers of GamesMaster, his favourite television show. “I drew an illustration of some guy from Nintendo World Cup on the NES scoring a goal,” the adult Craig remembers today. “I thought that would draw them in.”

He was right. The producers invited Craig and his friend, Steve, to travel up to London from their native Brighton for an audition. But SteveRead more >>

Things that we know about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, was one of the most anticipated games of the year and the owners of previous generation consoles had to  buy Xbox One or PS4 to enjoy it. However, it delighted gamers with an ambitious open world of Victorian London, 2 new protagonists, a unique stealth gameplay and many other interesting features. Throughout the last year, Ubisoft generously shared with us some fresh details and epic trailers of the game. However, today we still know very little about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie. In this regard, we have decided to gather all the facts and rumors about the ambitious adaptation of the legendary series.

Release date

The Assassin’s Creed movie is due out at the end of the year on December 21. It is common knowledge that the most high-profile and ambitious movies traditionally appear in summer and December. Last year’s major hit released in December was the “Star Wars” movie, and in2014 all attention was focused on the latest movie called “The Hobbit.”


The shooting of the film adaptation began only in late August whereas; Ubisoft has been working on the project since 2011. The movie is being shot in Malta, Spain and London, where the action of Assassin’s Creed:Read more >>

Vanguard cardfight & gear chronicle

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90% of the general populations who play this diversion are rubbish, not in any case kidding. I’m refuse, you’re waste, and he’s junk, we as a whole suck at this diversion. Before you get up on your overinflated ego, you have to comprehend this is the initial phase in each amusement all together you to show signs of improvement. By comprehension you’re terrible at the diversion you’ll understand there is opportunity to get better. This progression is truly straightforward, simply go look in a mirror and say “I am refuse at vanguard cardfight” until you trust it and you’re as of now superior to anything the greater part of the group.

domi1Presently there is a contrast between acknowledging you suck, and tolerating it. The general population you see tolerating it are the ones who never beat at local people, dependably are at base tables at competitions, and simply play for no particular reason, in no way, shape or form is it an issue to play only for entertainment only, yet in the event that you need to enhance and you acknowledgeRead more >>

4 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About ‘Super Mario Bros.’

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Not a lot came out this week to draw inspiration from, so it’s time to do the Fascinating Facts thing with a game I know people will always be interested in no matter what week it is — Super Mario Bros.

Do I really need to explain what Super Mario Bros. is? It was the most popular game of all time for over 20-years (until Nintendo topped themselves with Wii Sports). The game inspired literally hundreds of imitators, and nearly every aspect of it, from its music, to its backgrounds, enemies and items have become iconic cultural symbols. Here are a few things you might not know about the game that changed the world…

1) Super Mario Bros. was supposed to be Nintendo’s grand farewell to the NES. Wait, what? Wasn’t Super Mario Bros. the first major NES game? Well, it was in North America. Nintendo’s Japanese 8-bit system, the Famicom, came out nearly two-and-a-half years before the American NES and by the time SMB came along, Nintendo was already planning to replace it with the Famicom Disk System, an upgraded Famicom that read games off rewritable floppy disks. America never got the Disk System, as Nintendo of America opted to stickRead more >>

The Best Online Soccer Betting

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Speaking of online bet site, this is being the best and trusted online bet site in Asia. User Sbobet is available to get their betting everyday and every hour by the way. More, we don’t have to worry when we confuse about this site because there is the customer service which is ready to serve and help the user in guiding to play in this site at

Soccer is the best game in this world. There are many people in this world who love to watch the soccer game. Here, this game is not only for being watched by people. However, this game comes as the thing that makes people like to have gamble. Betting the scores is being the best moment in gambling with soccer. Today, as long as the technology developed into a better era, using internet connection, people are available to get their soccer betting through the online betting. Here, there are many websites which are available to be used as the soccer betting website. However, each online bet has different benefits and offerings.

One of the online soccer betting sites isSbobet. This is a good online bettingRead more >>

Force of will tcg

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With the determination of the base grouping of the human genome, examination is turning more towards hereditary variety. Each ordinary human genome is novel in that no two individuals are precisely similar. Hereditary variety additionally incorporates coincidental changes that outcome in transformation or hereditary errors. The change of a solitary base may have no impact on the protein result of a communicated quality. Be that as it may, a solitary change can prompt the creation of a protein totally not quite the same as the fundamental protein. These transformations can have negative results and force of will tcg.


Single Base Changes in the Gene: Substitution

The human genome comprises of 3 billion rehashing bases assigned as A, G, C or T. The blend of 3 bases, a cod on, figures out what amino corrosive that will be added to a protein chain. This computes to an aggregate of 64 conceivable 3 base mixes that speak to the 20 amino acids framing a protein atom. In this manner, certain amino acids are spoken to by more than one cod on. One case of an aminoRead more >>

Computer games developer

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f you love computer games and enjoy using your imagination, this could be ideal for you. Computer games developers produce games for PCs and games consoles. They also produce games for the internet and mobile phones. The work could involve making new games or updating existing titles.

Most computer games developers have a qualification. However employers may be more interested in your software skills and experience.

To become a computer games developer, you will need to have creativity and imagination. You’ll also need to be able to work under pressure and to deadlines.

Work activities

If you love computer games and enjoy using your imagination, this could be ideal for you.

Computer games developers produce games for PCs, games consoles, the internet and mobile phones. The work could involve developing new games or updating existing titles.

A game can take several months or even years to produce. There are many stages before a game is released, from creating ideas and characters to programming and testing. There are various tasks involved at each stage, so your role could be, for example:

  • designer – deciding what a game looks like and how it plays. You would either come up with your own original ideas or workRead more >>

Learning apps for kids

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Education for your kid does not have to stop at school. Toddlers keep on learning new things every day in a world new to them. Consequently, parents have to ensure that learning for toddlers is fun and as progressive as possible. This can be made possible by allowing kids to learn; both in class and out of class.

Learning of toddlers outside class has proven critical in the cognitive development of the kids. Their ability to make “right” decisions is entirely an out-of- school work. Guardians concerned with the development of their little ones should make a point of ensuring that they keep them active outside school.

With the advancement of technology, there exist several means of improving our kids learning. One being the use of our handset electronic gadgets. Android phones and iPhones have the capacity to support many different apps. Of concern here is the learning apps for kids. Depending on your financial capability, available is a range of apps; ranging from free to some going as high as $10. Most of the free apps have little learning material, but still can be regarded as sufficient for toddlers. Learning apps that are soldRead more >>

Prepare Your Family Meal in Quick and Easy

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Get delicious food in your own hand by followed so many food recipes easy and quick to satisfy your hungry tummy in quick time. If you doesn’t have enough time to prepare food but you must prepare any food for your family, the option will be cooked simple dish which will done quickly with simple step and ingredients but still offer delicious taste. In the recipes list there are so many kind of dish you can choose that can be done in short time and doesn’t need too much preparation to make it. By following the recipes you can cook simple dish and give your family delicious food.

The recipes will also become a great choice to give the variation or your family food. Some people may feel bored to eat the same food everyday although it is the most delicious food. With simple and easy recipes to make a delicious food, you can easily change the menus when you have diner, lunch or maybe breakfast with different menus that can be easily made and done in short time. Your family will feel glad and enthusiastic when they are on the dining table and eatRead more >>

The Greatest and Reliable Ball Gambling Agency that You Should Trust

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Online casino game is one of many online gambling games favored by bettors in cyberspace. You should know that this casino game is a game of people – the elite class which are usually risking a lot of money so that a win could benefit a lot. Currently, there are more advanced technology, now everyone can enjoy how the online casino games. If you want to play casino games online, then you should find a trusted website. Currently, Sbobet Casino is the largest online gambling sites and reliable. This site has been known into the State – Countries in Asia and Europe so that their networks are already widespread.

As the site of the largest and reliable, the site provides a wide range casino games, such as roulette, baccarat, mini-baccarat, black jack, bingo and others. You should know that playing online casino on this website gives you many advantages. When playing, you will feel the experience like playing a real casino. This is because when bettors will begin playing there is a casino tables available on the site. The system used to play casino also uses the same system with real casino games. Therefore, youRead more >>

What does it really cost to open an indie studio? All your money, most of your life

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It is common to hear about game companies having crushing financial woes in the games press.

It can be observed in companies of all sizes, from THQ going under to 38 Studios defaulting on millions of debts to the recent Yogsventure project fiasco.

I’ve seen the people behind these projects judged very harshly in comments from readers (I know, I know, I shouldn’t read the comments) and usually, it seems to me that people grossly underestimate what it costs to run a game studio.

For about as long as I can remember, I’ve been planning on starting my own game studio. It’s an ambition I nurtured throughout my youth. Game developers were my heroes and Squaresoft, Bioware and Blizzard were the embodiment of everything I wanted to create. Being naturally drawn toward game design, I oriented my education toward that field and at 20 years old I had scores my first gig in the video game industry as a tester for Activision.

People grossly underestimate what it costs to run a game studio

Meanwhile, I’d keep reading about the state of the game industry, a subject matter that has been as intriguing to me as the game themselves. I’d read and frequently discuss aboutRead more >>

8 things you didn’t know about Pac-Man

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Today marks 35 years since Pac-Man debuted at a movie theater in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. Since then, the game has become one of the most popular of all time, producing more than eight other versions, a television series and more than 400 products. A few facts to think about the next time you’re playing Pac-Man at your local laundromat or on Google Maps:

1. The game’s creators did not expect the game to be popular.

Toru Iwatani, Pac-Man’s game designer who worked for Japanese software company Namco at the time, said he expected its relatively slow pace to repel players in the U.S. and Europe. “At that time, what was popular overseas were more thrilling games, and I felt that perhaps the rhythm of Pac-Man wasn’t matching the needs of overseas users,” he said in an interview with

2. The game was inspired by food and created to attract female players.

At the time the game was created, video games centered on violence and were marketed primarily at men, Iwatani said. Iwatani wanted to create a game that would attract female players, and according to him, the way to do so was by focusing on dessert. “I decided to theme the game around ‘eating’ — afterRead more >>

Reasons Why Many People Choose to Valentine Online Bingo Match

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Whether you’re a veteran or just want to start bingo, the first thing you do, check the bingo sites offer the best free bingo money deals. Some sites give you credit without a deposit. Here are some of the best for testing whether you are. Knowing how a bingo site, without the intention of obtaining money bingo bonus offers, try an online bingo site, you can find one that suits you and make your hard earned money bingo.

Get free money bonus bingo often only need to register on the site and start playing bingo. Your account will be credited with the lead almost immediately and can start playing immediately. Sometimes you realize you have to play a certain amount of money to withdraw the bonus. If you’re lucky, you’ll make a profit and get this bonus on bingo site online without spending a dime.

By playing free online bingo, you can choose from various bingo sites. These two sites offer free bingo games and bingo games paid. They hope that by being free bingo with them, you’re likely to pay toRead more >>

The best joystick Saitek X-55 Rhino HOTAS

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Were it not for the Thrustmaster Warthog (listed below) I would be holding the Saitek X-55 Rhino up as the pinnacle of flightstick creation. It’s an update to the popular X-52, but bears less resemblance to that futuristic-looking peripheral than it does to its rival. That’s no bad thing: not only does it look more like a modern fighter-stick-and-throttle combo than the X-52, it’s also more usable.

The stick layout is almost identical to the Warthog, although with three hat-switches rather than four. It also has interchangeable coil springs, enabling you to tailor the resistance to your taste. But the star of the show is that throttle: the action is beautiful and it too has the option to alter its resistance on the fly—and to a greater degree than the Warthog. It’s also covered in mini-joysticks, hat switches, flick switches and rotary switches, giving you full rein over your game.

The downside is that the X-55 is made out of plastic, not the metal of the Warthog. The stick feels lighter, the buttons less robust. But that’s comparing it to a device a good deal more expensive—you’d hope to be able to tell the difference. The X-55 is still miles aheadRead more >>

Why Makelar Bola For Agen Judi Online?

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Have you ever heard about Makelar Bola? Never? Or you ever heard about before, but you simply have no idea about it. If you love football and wager, you bet that this site is the best place available online for wager. Indeed, you may find some other sites to play this kind of games, but finding the one that is trustworthy enough, it is not easy. You can’t ask those people who have years of experience, they knew exactly how it feels when you suddenly play the game from a shady online wager site.

But, it is different when it comes to this Agen Judi Online. Before you asking the reason why, here are some games that you can play through this online wager site; Judi Bola, Judi Togel, Judi Casino, Judi Tangkas, and Judi Poker. What makes this online wager distinctive compared to other online wagers, all of the games that you find there, those are approved internationally. So, what do you say? For any game that you choose, each of them provides with tempting bonus and feature that somehow can enhance your experience. Depending on the game that you choose, theRead more >>